NiceCalc3 1.0

NiceCalc is a scientific calculator for smartphones powered by Symbian OS s60. Easy to handle lightweight and functional. It was specially designed to use with Symbian OS phones. Download and try it for 7days trial period!

NiceCalc3 1.0

NiceCalc3 - simple yet powerful calculator for Symbian OS.High computation precision, operations precedence support, customizable buttons and even more handy features included.NiceCalc3 features

- Scientific and engineering calculations;
- Simple / Scientific mode switch;
- Scientific mode with operations precedence support
;- Double precision of results;
- Fast and easy input interface
;- 3 angle modes for computing;
- 4 numeric systems support;
- "simplified" form for binary operations;
- Automatic rounding;
- Clipboard;
- Customizable buttons;


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